The Killaloe Boat jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Killaloe Boat
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Ador
EDE ABc|BAB G2d|~e3 edB|dBA A2:|
B|def ~g3|age edB|def ~g3|age age|
def ~g3|age edB|~e3 edB|dBA A2:|

Six comments

Heard this tune played on Radió na Gaeltachta the other morning. Was called Paddy O’Brien’s and seems to be a bit of mixture of two other related tunes - the well known Lilting Banshee and a similar tune Redican’s. I like it though, I think it’s goes well.
Was played by trio called U3, I think - could they be these people?

Meant to add that I found myself playing the second part:
B|def ~g3|age ged|def ~g3|age age|def ~g3|age ged|~e3 edB|dBA A2:|

It’s the Killaloe Boat, more associated with Junior Crehan in my mind than Paddy O’Brien

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Just to add, there’s a version in CRE5, nr 47

Breathnach’s comment in the book :

47. Bád Chill Dalua: The Killaloe Boat. A nice setting here of a common jig (R I, 101: whence the name). This was played for Breathnach by the fiddler Junior Crehan: see the note on number 26 above. O’Neill has another setting under the title The Miller of Glanmire (DMI, 418). There are other names, among them Ryan’s Favourite, The Lilting Banshee and Coffee and Tea.

To me the tune is part of the Eanach Dhúin family of tunes which also includes the Sheep in the Boat, The Hole in the Boat etc.

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Thanks Prof and I’ll take your word for it, clearly all related as you say. Curious thing though, Killaloe is not far from Nenagh and Garrykennedy etc., so Paddy O’Brien country. So maybe there’s something in calling it Paddy O’Brien’s? Mind you, that name often seems to be a default when people are unsure of a name!

Miller of Glanmire/ Lilting Banshee??

The first part of this is similar to Miller of Glanmire etc., but to my mind, the second part is quite different - more like ‘Redican’s’ posted here.