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One setting

X: 1
T: Velvet Fog
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
B3 e gBeg|BegB gagf|AdfA fgfd|fgfd Adfd|
BegB gagf|gaag- gfef|gagf fgfd|Beed e3||
f|gagf Beeg|fgfd Adfd|gagf Beeg|Beed efed|
gagf Beeg|fgfd Adfd|gagf fgfd|Beed e3||
d|Beed edBd|egfd ed B/c/d|A2 d/d/d dBAB|dABd ABdA|
Beed edBd|egfd edBd|gagf fgfd|Beed e3||
d|BedB fBeB|fBef Befe|AdfA gAfA|gAfA gfed|
BedB fBeB|fBeB fBeB|gagf fgfd|Beed e3||

Sixteen comments

Velvet Fog

Now there’s a nice little tongue-twister.

Up with Little Cascade, maybe (as a tongue(finger?)-twister, that is)

Who composed Velvet Fog, please?

And here we go with the key/mode/etc conversations.

Tonality is E, 2# - so possibly Edorian (as with Cascade), but no C note (neither ^ nor =) to confirm either dorian or minor - so hexatonic. So could be 1#.

At a cursory glance, I can see only Eminor and Dmajor (or perhaps D7th) harmony. Something else might be included with a bit of thought and invention

Take it on from here, chaps, for all the usual arguments….

All the best

Peter Jenkins

Velvet Fog

That’s Velvet Fog (not Fof). The F & G are next to one another on the keyboard - so that’s what wrong with my box playing!

"The moving finger keys; and, having keyed, keys ‘send’;
nor all one’s piety nor wit shall lure it back to cancel half a line,
nor all one’s tears wash out one word of it."
A stolen quotation from another group that I subscribe to.


Velvet Fof

I just had another look at Little Cascade - there seems to be no C in that tune either.

Is this a function of the Great Highland Bagpipe?

Answers on a postcard, please, so that I can protect my ignorance..


C: ? ~ Gill MacKenzie?

Sigh, yet another arrives on site and the first contribution they make is to drop one of their compositions on site, so likely couldn’t be bother to visit and read the FAQs - or to learn ABC notation conventions… There are some good guides online, but you can also gain a better understanding from existing ABC notation, including on site here. Here’s a few good places to start:

& not forgetting:
& in discussion:
A Polite Reminder…
# Posted on January 4th 2007 by Nigel Gatherer

Tunes in the Details ~ member’s compositions
# Posted on November 22nd 2009 by ceolachan

# Posted on May 26th 2011 by horatio spens the blademan

& your transcription adjusted, your way first ~

X: 1
T: Velvet Fog
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: reel
K: Dmaj
[|B2- Be gBeg|BegB gagf|AdfA fgfd|fgfd Adfd|
BegB gagf|gaag- gfef|gagf fgfd|Beed e2- ef|]
[|gagf Beeg|fgfd Adfd|gagf Beeg|Beed efed|
gagf Beeg|fgfd Adfd|gagf fgfd|Beed e2- ed|]
[|Beed edBd|egfd ed(3Bcd|A2 (3ddd dBAB|dABd ABdA|
Beed edBd|egfd edBd|gagf fgfd|Beed e2- ed|]
[|BedB fBeB|fBef Befe|AdfA gAfA|gAfA gfed|
BedB fBeB|fBeB fBeB|gagf fgfd|Beed e2- e2|]

X: 1
T: Velvet Fog
C: Gill MacKenzie?
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: reel
K: Emin
c |\
B3 e gBeg | BegB gagf | AdfA fgfd | fgfd Adfd |
BegB gagf | gaag- gfef | gagf fgfd | Beed e3 ||
f |\
gagf Beeg | fgfd Adfd | gagf Beeg | Beed efed |
gagf Beeg | fgfd Adfd | gagf fgfd | Beed e3 ||
d |\
Beed edBd | egfd ed B/c/d | A2 d/d/d dBAB | dABd ABdA |
Beed edBd | egfd edBd | gagf fgfd | Beed e3 ||
d |\
BedB fBeB | fBef Befe | AdfA gAfA | gAfA gfed |
BedB fBeB | fBeB fBeB | gagf fgfd | Beed e3 |]

Another appreciated contribution is ‘comment’, to take responsibility for your contribution and composition and tell us something about it…

Also, if you have any problems with ABCs, or questions, there are a slew of folks on site here always willing to help, or to direct you to where you might get any questions answered…

As to the tune, some interesting bits…

I’ve little doubt I’d like the brew. It’s a shame it’s not available here… 🙁

Oh yes, I forgot to say, I put that c in there for you Peter. I could have added others ‘in passing’ but didn’t want to mess with the original contribution in making those above ‘adjustments’… 😎

Ok guys, apologies first for blundering in and submitting my own tune. I have now read through the “polite reminders” and have seen the errors of my ways…won’t happen again.
As for the tune, it was originally a GHB tune I wrote 17 years ago but recently rediscovered it playing on a whistle. It does lend itself to the finger technique of the GHB far better than other instruments I’ve played it on.
The name refers to the velvety like fog when a good stout settles after it’s poured… or after I’ve had too much.
I wrote it out in a program called CelticPipes and exported to an abc file and it seemed to export ok but I’ll need to do a wee bit more homework to get it right.

Thanks for the comments and help

Kindest regards


PS ceolachan, Your right it is E minor…I missed that in translation


I thought that maybe it was named in tribute to the great Mel Tormé?

sounds like a paddy fahey tune

Posted .

Gill MacKenzie ~ Failte! / Welcome! ~ both tune & person

Thanks for making comment, better late than never. And, they are welcome, compositions, at least I enjoy exploring them, and will always give them at least a little time, though sometimes that’s only once through. Some folks get a bit carried away, and some folks drop them on site and never say anything, not even “I made this!” And then there’s the very few, at most maybe half a dozen, who are so obsessed with themselves and their creations that they add one after the other, and it makes you wonder if they actually play anything else? 😀

Thanks for your tune, and the welcomed consideration of ‘comment’, much appreciated, on both counts really.