One recording of a tune named
The Fair-haired Lass
With a tune named
The Monaghan Twig

The Fair-haired Lass (reel) is also known as Ciaran Kelly’s, The Dark Haired Lass, The Fair Haired Lass, Jig Away The Donkey, Mick Hoy’s, Mick Hoy’s Jig Away The Donkey, Mick’s Jig Away The Donkey.

The Monaghan Twig (reel) is also known as Aprún An Tincéara, Monahan Twig, The Monahan Twig, Moynighans Twig, Tinker’s Apron.

In Stitches by The Flying Toads

  1. The Monaghan Twig
  2. The Monaghan Twig
  3. Fair-Haired Lass
  4. Bunker Hill