Bridge Of Glllass reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Bridge Of Glllass
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
fB~B2 ABdB-|BFAB fedB|~e2d2 BAFA-|ABF2 EDEG|
fB~B2 ABdB-|BFAB fedB|~e2d2 defe-|1 eBde edeg:|2 eBde edBd||
|:~e2AB defe-|eBde gfef|~d2AF ABdB-|BFAB FE~E2|
~e2AB defe-|eBde gfef|~a2fa- ab~f2-|fd e/f/g fedB:|
|:~a2fa- ab~f2-|fdef gfed|ABd2 def~g-|gfga fdef|
~a2fa- ab~f2-|fabe edef|ABd2 def~e-|1 edef edef:|2 edef edcd||
|:ABd2 def~e-|edef edBA|EFd2 def~e-|edef afcd|
ABd2 def~e-|1 edef edBA|EFd2 defa|bfab f2ed:|
[2 edef edef|~a2fa- ab~f2-|fdef gfed||

Two comments

Another great tune from The Olllam. Although in D major, the backing chords start on G and then work their way in reverse: G to D to A back to G.

What’s the story with the triple l’s?

Re: Bridge Of Glllass

If I was guessing, it’s a fun affect for all the L’s since there’s 3 fellas in the band.