Two recordings of a tune named
Hundred Pipers
With a tune named
The Dingle Regatta

Hundred Pipers (jig) is also known as The 100 Pipers, A 100 Pipers, A Hundred Pipers, The Durham Reel, The Hair Fell Off My Coconut, The Hair Of The Coconut, The Hundred Pipers, I’ll Eat No More Of Your Barley Bread, March Of The 49th (Sault-Ste-Marie) Field Artillery, March Of The 49th Field Artillery, One Hundred Pipers, The Regimental March Of The Royal West Kents, Thousand Pipers, Wi’ A Hundred Pipers, Wi’ A Hundred Pipers An’ A’, An’ A’, Wi’ A Hundred Pipers, A’ A’, An’ A’, With A Hundred Pipers.

The Dingle Regatta (slide) is also known as Garcon Volage, Slattery’s Grove.

Suas Leat by Swallow's Tail Céilí Band

  1. Merrily Kiss The Quaker
  2. Denis Murphy’s
  3. 100 Pipers
  4. Going To The Well For Water
  5. Dingle Regatta

The Men Of The Island by The O'Halloran Brothers

  1. Martin Byrnes’
  2. A Hundred Pipers
  3. Dingle Regatta