Henry’s polka

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One setting

X: 1
T: Henry's
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
FA AB|de fa|ga/g/ fe|dB BA|FA AB|de fa|ga/g/ fe|ed d2:|
ea ef|ga/g/ fd|ea ef|g2 f2|ea ef|ga/g/ fd|1 ef/e/ dB|BA A2:|2 ef/e/ d=c|B=c/B/ AG||
|:FA AB|de fa|ga/g/ fe|dB BA|FA AB|de fa|ga/g/ fe|ed d2:|

Four comments

This was the second tune I learnt, the first being Terry Teahan’s which is already on this database. It is the second tune of a set of three polkas which we play reasonably frequently for set dancers at an Irish club in Bristol (UK). The first tune is Terry Teahan’s, and the third is Riding on a Load of Hay which I hope to post in due course and the fulness of time (i.e. tomorrow , d.v.).
These three polkas are usually among the first tunes taught to beginners in Bristol, so everyone knows them, but it’s generally a while before they can be played at dancers’ speed!


The origin of the tune? “Henry” has been informally associated with Henry Spears, the well-known Bath (UK) fiddle player and teacher, but nobody seems to know for sure. I haven’t found it in any of my usual sources, including JC and the NE Fiddler’s Repertoire.


Sorry, I should have typed “Henry Sears”


I’d forgotten about that tune!

Whilst idly wondering if there were any tunes by the name of Henry’s here, I came across this tune. Amazingly it’s one I wrote myself but had completely forgotten about. Originally it was in E major, and it works really well in that key on the fiddle, though I can obviously see the sense in transposing it into D major.

Well, well - like bumping into a long forgotten friend whose essence you recognise instantly, though the passage of years has changed their features a bit, and obscured you’re memory of their name, circumstances of first meeting, and such like…