Letter To Peter Pan waltz

By Liz Carroll

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One setting

X: 1
T: Letter To Peter Pan
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
dc|B3 AGA|Bc d3 c|c2 G2 GF|F2 D3 c|
B3 AGA|Bc d3 b|c'2 g2 gf|f2 d3 c|
B3 c B2|A3 dcB|A3 B A2|G4 GA|Bc d3 e|
dc A2 AG|F2 G2 AF|G6-|G4:|
g>e|d2 G>B d>B|A2 G2 g>e|d2 de g>d|e3 age|
d2 G>A GF|E2 D2 G>A|B>A G>A B>c|A4 g>a|
b3 g d>g|eg d2 B>g|e3 BAG|E/F/G D2 dc|
B3 cde|dc A2 AG|F2 G2 AF|G6-|G4||

Three comments

Letter to Peter Pan

A lovely air from Liz Carroll, here transcribed from her 2000 album “Lost In the Loop”.

Thank you so much Nigel for adding this tune. I have been listening to it for years and now playing it, I absolutely love it, it gives so much possibility for creativity.

Re: Letter To Peter Pan

I like to follow this with The Shetland Bus, which I think makes quite a change of pace.