Kevin Miller’s jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Kevin Miller's
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:BBB BGB|gfe dBG|egf edc|e2e gfd|
ded dBG|AGA BAG|AGA BAG|E3 Gca:|
|:ded dBd|gfe dcB|Ggg Aaa|B2B cBG|
Ggg Aaa|gfe dcB|gfg agf|g3 g3:|

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Kevin Miller’s Jig

Written for a dancer of the Irish tradition who got into it with his daughters. Any father that would do something like that for his girls deserves his own jig.

C: Jeremy Button - 3 submissions out of 4 self-composed

It might be wise to start spending more time with more established traditional tunes, which would then inform your own compositions. And, not forgetting the reasonable penance our webmaster Jeremy has asked, 5-for-1, that is, for every self-composed tune submitted you at least submit 5 more that aren’t of your own doing. But if you decided you were outside of this you wouldn’t the first to think they were the exception, ‘special’…

See here, the old FAQs:

And also: Discussion: Tunes in the Details ~ member’s compositions
# Posted by ceolachan 3 years ago.

I apologize. I won’t post anymore self-penned tunes till I catch up. So that’s 15-1=14 tunes that I owe?

Tune settings, so feel free to add the way you play Drowsy Maggie etc. if it’s different/funky etc. 🙂 It needn’t be a brand new tune, just something to contribute that’s not self-penned!

No apologies needed Jeremy, and sorry if that was taken as chastisement. That’s really never my intent, and sometimes it is just automatic, which probably makes it more wrong. To be fair, I should do as I’ve been told and just drop a quiet note on the side. That would be more reasonable. Now if only I can remember my own preaching, and that of a certain other…

I like giving other peoples’ inspirations air time, and some stick, others are just for the moment, sometimes seconds, and no more. But, to be more in agreement here ~

“Any father that would do something like that for his girls deserves his own jig.” Yes!