One recording of
The Wedding
In And Out The Harbour

The Wedding (jig) is also known as The Wedding.

In And Out The Harbour (reel) is also known as In And Out Of The Harbour, In And Out The Harbor, Oot An’ In Da Harbour, Out And In The Harbour.

Master Pipers in Recital by Various Artists

  1. Willie McCallum:
  2. O’er The Moor Among The Heather
  3. Cluny’s
  4. Brohan Castle
  5. An Goisidich
  6. Capeaval
  7. Dudley Lyle’s
  8. Rip The Calico
  9. In And Out Of The Harbour
  10. Put Me In The Meal Chest
  11. MacLaine Of Lochbuie’s
  12. Kastie Sings So Happily
  13. The Wedding
  14. Duncan’s