Barry’s Hug hornpipe

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Barry's Hug
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|d2 D2 dcdB|A2D2 z2 (3)ABc|d2D2dfed|c2A2z2(3)ABc|
d2df edcB|dcdB ^A4|=A^GAB A=GFE|F2 D2 z2 (3)ABc|
d2 D2 dcdB|A2D2 z2 (3)ABc|d2D2dfed|c2A2z2(3)ABc|
d2df edcB|dcdB ^A4|=A^GAB A=GFE|Dfef dfcf||
BF (3)F^EF BdcB|cF (3)F^EF cedc|B^ABc dcde|ffef dfcf|
B2 B^A BdcB|c2 AF E4|E^GBd f^e=ed|cfef dfcf|
BF (3)F^EF BdcB|cF (3)F^EF cedc|B^ABc dcde|f2 fe defd|
gfge A2 z2|f^efd A2 z2|Aceg abag|f2d2d2z2||
X: 2
T: Barry's Hug
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:d2 D2 dcdB|A2 D2 z2 (3ABc|d2 D2 dfed|c2 A2 z2(3ABc|
d2df edcB|dcdB ^A4|=A^GAB A=GFE|1 F2 D2 z2 (3ABc:|2 Dfef dfcf||
|:BF (3F^EF BdcB|cF (3F^EF cedc|B^ABc dcde|ffef dfcf|
[1B2 B^A BdcB|c2 AF E4|E^GBd f^e=ed|cfef dfcf:|
[2gfge A2 z2|f^efd A2 z2|Aceg abag|f2 d2 d2 z2||

Eight comments

Barry’s Hug

This is the first tune I’ve ever written in "Irish style"! It’s been composed after a trip to Waterford, where a Trad Festival took place, and it’s dedicated to a friend we met there. This "musical journey" was a dramatic influence for our playing, and in this tune I’ve tried to summon some of the musical idea we listened to, and to…portrait Barry’s way to make us feel at home!

Nice tune

A little different harmonically for an Irish tune; Irish ragtime? Anyway, I like it, I’m going to learn it.


if possible you might want to label the triplet figures, it took me a minute to notice they were triplets just via subtraction.

"Irish style"


Re: "Irish Style"

Well….you should read "Irish style" with plenty of """"""" 🙂
Talking about music it’s always limiting and reductive making use of labels such as "Irish style", "Celtic Music", "Jazzy" and so on…
What I should underline is that, as you noticed, these little tunes I wrote are inspired by playing and listening to a lot of Irish trad music, but they’re influenced as well to my other musical experiences.
I’m happy that you like it, whatever the "feel" of the tune! And I’m going to correct triplets in a minute! 🙂

This is however a website dedicated, really, to Irish music. I’m going to say no more, you’ve seen the FAQs regarding compositions, so not to worry.

The setting I’ve added is simply another way of writing it out.

Thank you for your settings, I hope I’ll get used to ABC system as soon as possible!

No problemo 🙂