Two recordings of
Riding On A Load Of Hay
The Ballyhoura Mountains

Riding On A Load Of Hay (polka) is also known as Riding On A Bale Of Hay.

The Ballyhoura Mountains (polka) is also known as The Ballinahulla Polkas No. 1, The Ballinahulla, The Ballynahula #1, The Ballynahula No. 1, The Ballynahula, The Ballynahulla No. 1, Cuz Teahan’s, Cuz Teahan’s Favourite, Cuz Teahan’s No. 1, Dandy Jim, Dandy Jim O’Caroline, Lucy Farr’s, Lucy Farr’s No. 1, Mike Buckley’s Favourite, Scollard’s, Teahan’s Favourite, Teahan’s Favourite No. 1, Terry Teahan’s Favourite, The Village Tavern.

A Friend Indeed by Liz Carroll

  1. Dan Sullivan’s
  2. Teahan’s Favourite
  3. Riding On A Load Of Hay

healing: a quarantine solo album by Ryan Dakota Farris

  1. The Maids Of Ardagh
  2. The Ballydesmond No. 2
  3. The Ballyhoura Mountains
  4. Riding On A Load Of Hay
  5. The Trip To Dingle