Donachd Head jig

Also known as Donacht Head.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Donachd Head
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amix
e|AAA c2e|d2c BGB|AAA c2e|e2e ecA|
Bcd c2e|d2c BGB|AAA c2e|dBd e2:|
e|AAA g2e|g2d BGB|AAA a2e|g2e a2e|
g2a g2e|d2c BGB|AAA c2e|dBd e2:|

Five comments

Donachd Head

Heard this being played as part of a set by "Jim Johnstone & His Band" on the radio heading south a few weeks ago, thought this and the tune after it, "Jamie Rae" (TFL) really rocked, in that SCDB kind of way and luckily managed to captured it with my phone, which was recording at the time, even luckier was the fact that I didn’t delete it this morning, having the presence of mind to listen first. Glad I did.

Traditional, I think, and from what I can gather the parts normally resolve to; A2 :| But Jim and his band leave it hanging on the 5th e2 :| which I think sounds better, so thats how I’ve posted it here.

It appears in Donald MacDonald’s collection of 1828. Also PM Willie Ross Book 2.
In the MacDonald setting, both sections end on A instead of e.

Thanks for the info Weejie, yes A seems to be the way it’s resolved but I like the treatment Jim’s band give it, gives it added teuch.

Here it is with the A in;

X: 1
T: Donachd Head
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
R: jig
e | AAA c2e | d2c BGB | AAA c2e | e2e ecA |
Bcd c2e | d2c BGB | AAA c2e | dBd A2 :|
e | AAA g2e | g2d BGB | AAA a2e | g2e a2e |
g2a g2e | d2c BGB | AAA c2e | dBd A2 :|

Thanks for the link Creadur. I’ll check it out.

I’ve just come across this tune played on the Album "In West Coast Style" by James Cameron and his Scottish Dance Band (great album I’ve had for years so I’m surprised I didn’t recall it was on this). Track 7.

It’s not named but could be the tune entitled "Old Highland Air" but then there are 4 tunes on this track and only three tunes listed, not surprising given that it seems to have been recorded either at an actual gig or single takes, mistakes and all, that really lends to the charm of this album, if you listen closely enough you can just make out the chink of the dram glasses in a few places 🙂

James and Co give this the same treatment Jim Johnstone’s band do, ending the parts on e2 :| I think this may be the SCDB of old, way of it.