Jamie Rae jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Jamie Rae
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Ador
a|A>AA a3|geg a3|G>GG g2a|g2d BAG|A>AA a3|geg a3|g2e dBd|eAA A2:|
e|A>AA e2A|d2A B>AA|G>GG g2e|d>Bd B>GB|A>AA e2A|dBA e2a|g>ee d>Bd|e>AA A2:|

One comment

Jamie Rae

Another tune learned from the playing of Jim Johnstone and His Band.

After having a look round online this morning I found it on Nigel Gatherer’s great site, so here are the stolen abc’s from him, , thanks Nigel:

T:Jamie Rae
D:Colin Campbell, Highland Style (1973)
Z:Nigel Gatherer
K:A mix
g|A>AA a3|geg a3|G>GG g2 e|dBd BGB|A>AA a3|geg a3|
g2 e dBd|e2 A A2::e|A>AA e2 A|d2 A A2 B|G>GG g2 e|
dBd BGB|A>AA e2 A|dBA g2 a|g2 e dBd|e2 A A2:|


T:Seumus Ruadh
T:Jamie Roy
T:Jamie Rae
B:The Gesto Collection, 1895
Z:Nigel Gatherer
K:A mix
B | AAA a3 | geg a3 | GGG g2e | dBd G2B |
AAA a3 | geg a3 | ege dBd | e3 A2 :|
a | AAA e2A | dBA A2e | GGG g2e | dBd G2B |
AAA e2A | dBA g2a | ege dBd | e3 A2 :|

Great tune in my humble opinion, I like the treatment of this and the tune Donachd Head that proceeds it, as played by Jim Johnstone and His Band (from the recording link that should appear at the top of the page once this is posted). Perhaps I’m just getting excited ahead of this new years day dance on Tuesday, :~))