One recording of
Paddy Fahey’s
Paidin O Raifeartaigh

Paddy Fahey’s (jig) is also known as The Brosna, Fahey’s Fiddle, The Green Linnet, Matt Haye’s, Matt Haye’s No. 1, Matt Haye’s No. 2, Matt Hayes’, Matt Hayes’, Matt Hayes’s No. 2, Matt Hayes’s N°2, Paddy Fahey’s Jig #1, Paddy Fahey’s Jig No. 1, Paddy Fahey’s Jig No. 13, Paddy Fahy’s, Paddy Fahy’s Jig #1, Paddy Fahy’s Jig No. 1, Tom Fleming’s.

Paidin O Raifeartaigh (jig) is also known as Old Jig #6.

Land's End by Michael Rooney And June McCormack

  1. Paddy Fahy’s
  2. Paidin O Raifeartaigh