One recording of
Paddy Fahey’s
Happy Days

Paddy Fahey’s (jig) is also known as Fahey’s Fiddle, Matt Haye’s, Matt Haye’s No. 1, Matt Haye’s No. 2, Matt Hayes’, Matt Hayes’s N°2, Matt Hayes’s No. 2, Paddy Fahey’s Jig #1, Paddy Fahey’s Jig No. 1, Paddy Fahey’s Jig No. 13, Paddy Fahy’s, Paddy Fahy’s Jig #1, Paddy Fahy’s Jig No. 1, Tom Fleming’s.

Happy Days (jig) is also known as Hide In The Loft, Let’s Dance.

Jayne Pomplas by Jayne Pomplas

  1. Paddy Fahey’s
  2. Let’s Dance
  3. The Blackberry Blossom