The Job Of Journeywork three-two

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Job Of Journeywork
R: three-two
M: 3/2
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
AB/c/|d3 e/d/ A3 B/A/ GEED|D8 zFGA/B/|=c4 BA3 GA/G/F/E/F/G/|
A8 z2ed/c/|d3 e/d/ A3 B/A/ GEED|D8 zDEF/G/|
EA (G6 G)EED|D8zFGA/B/|=c3 BA3 G2 A/G/ED|
D8 z2AB/c/|d4 e/f/ e4 ddc|A8 z2f>e|
d3f/e/ dFGA/G/ (F4|F)GEA (G4 G)EED|D8 z2d>e|
f4 de/f/gf e4|ed/c/ dc A3A/G/ FE F/E/F/G/|A4 z2d>e|
f4 g/f/e/d/gf e4|d/c/Acd cBd6|ag>fd fag2 ef3|
(3gfe dc A3B/A/ G/F/ GEE|D8 z2F/G/A/B/|=c4 BAG2 Ad3|
dd/e/dc dA2(3A/G/F/ (G4|G)G/F/EG Ad3 dedc|d/c/A3 GEA G2 EED|D8 z2||

Three comments

The Job Of The Journeywork

Not the set dance, but the slow air that the Chieftains play before it on Chieftains 8. Apparently they’re somehow related (the tunes, not the Chieftains). See
So, if anyone knows it by a more proper name…?

It’s my first transcription of a slow air, I hope I approximated the rhythm reasonably decently… you know, putting it in a fixed metre and all. I tried to preserve as much as possible.

The Job of Journeywork

Thanks for this megapop - been loving this for years but can’t play it like Martin Fay!

Nice one metaP ;)

Not bad for a first try metapop. I like the 3/2 format. I listened to this track so many times on a memorable 40 hr train ride from Hyderabad to Calcutta in ‘97 that every note is etched into my brain. That year was special because I met Mother Theresa (less than a year before she died) and hugged her, and met Martin Fay and played a tune (not this one unfortunately) with him when the Boyz came to our small city in ‘98. Thanks for the add. Great memories.