Nipper jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Nipper
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|: B2 d cBA | G2 B D2 B | G2 B D2 B | A2 c D2 c |
B2 d cBA | G2 B D2 B | A2 B ^cBA | [1 d3 =c3 :| [2 d3 e2f ||
|: g2 z e3| ded B3 |cdc A2 c| BcB G3 |
g2 z e3| ded B3| cdc A2 F| G6 :|

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No connection whatsoever with a tune of the same name already posted to

I first heard this tune about thirty years ago - although I suspect that it’s much older than that. It takes its title from the name of a Jack Russell terrier called “Nipper”

"Nipper" was a Bristol(UK)-born mongrel terrier who liked to listen to the gramophone. The dog died in 1895, and some time after, its then (second) owner painted a picture of it with the gramophone. In 1908 this painting was sold to the Gramophone Company for £100, who then changed their trade-mark to "His Master’s Voice" - later abbreviated to HMV).

Also, see this discussion:


This Jig was written by John Kirkpatrick and features in his song book "Opus Pocus" It also appears in Nick Barber’s "English Choice" with an acknowledgement to JK. Both play it on the DG Melodeon. He started his own compositions in 1973, so it’s only 40 years old at most.

More about Nipper (the dog) in this Wiki article (including an image of Nipper’s statue on the Merchant Venturer’s building in Bristol). This building stands at the junction of Park Row and Woodlands Road.

Re: Nipper -slide-

There is the possibility on this website to enter tunes as ‘slides’ (12/8) as opposed to 6/8 jigs. This one, given its character and structure belongs with the polka-like ‘quick-step’ slides.