Six recordings of
Condon’s Frolics
Tommy Mulhaire’s

Condon’s Frolics (jig) is also known as An Tuigeadoir, Castletown, Castletown Conners, Castletown Connors, The Condom’s Frolics, Connor’s, Digging For Gold, Made To Measure, Shores Of Lough Reagh, The Shores Of Lough Reagh, The Shores Of Loughrea, The Thatcher, The Thatcher’s.

Tommy Mulhaire’s (jig) is also known as Carolan’s Fancy, Castle Connors, Castletown Connor’s, The Castletown Connors, The Forget Me Not, The Galway Miner’s, Ned Coleman’s, O’Connell’s Welcome To Parliament, Rafferty’s, Rambling Down The Road, Tom Mulhair’s, Tommy Mulhair’s, Tommy Mulhairs, Tommy Mulhare’s.

Back To The Glen by Shaskeen

  1. Tommy Mulhaire’s
  2. The Castletown Connors
  3. The House In The Glen

Draíocht na Feadóige by Neansaí Ní Choisdealbha

  1. Condon’s Frolics
  2. Tommy Mulhaire’s

Irish Traditional Session Music And Song by Shaskeen

  1. Castletown Connors
  2. The House In The Glen
  3. Tommy Mulhair’s

La Vera Musica Céilí Irlandese by The Shaskeen Céilí Band, Malachy Doris Céilí Band, The Pride of Erin Céilí Band

  1. The House In The Glen
  2. Castletown Connors
  3. Tommy Mulhaire’s

The Next Generation by The Bog Band

  1. Condon’s Frolics
  2. Castletown Connors (Tommy Mulhaire’s)
  3. Maid On The Green

When The Tide Is Out by Noel Bermingham

  1. Tommy Mulhaire’s
  2. Castletown Connors
  3. Donnybrook Fair