Four recordings of
Condon’s Frolics
The Mist Covered Mountain

Condon’s Frolics (jig) is also known as An Tuigeadoir, Castletown, Castletown Conners, Castletown Connors, The Condom’s Frolics, Connor’s, Digging For Gold, Made To Measure, Shores Of Lough Reagh, The Shores Of Lough Reagh, The Shores Of Loughrea, The Thatcher, The Thatcher’s.

The Mist Covered Mountain (jig) is also known as Ceo Ṡléiḃe, Chi Mi Na Morbheanna, The Dollymount, Junior Crehan’s, The Mist Covered Mountains, The Mist On The Mountain, The Mist-covered Mountain, The Misty Covered Mountain, The Misty Mountain.

Dorsh by Eamon's Daughter

  1. Condon’s Frolics
  2. Mist Covered Mountain

Harmony Hill by Dervish

  1. The Mist On The Mountain
  2. The Short Grass
  3. Condon’s Frolics

Internal Circulation by Kozo Toyota

  1. Mist Covered Mountain
  2. Castletown Conners
  3. The Rooms Of Dooagh

Notes At Liberty by FullSet

  1. The Mist Covered Mountains
  2. Condon’s Frolics
  3. The Lost And Found