Francie Byrne’s mazurka

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One setting

X: 1
T: Francie Byrne's
R: mazurka
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:A/|B>c d2 A2|c2 B2- B>B|c>d e2 g2|f2 d2- d>A|
B>c d2 A2|c2 B2- B>B|c>d e2 g2|f2 d2- d3/2:|
|:e/|f>a e>^d e>c|d>B A>^G A>B|c>d e2 e2|a2 f2- f>e|
d>f e>^d e>c|d>B A>^G A>B|c>d e2 g2|f2 d2- d3/2:|

Six comments

Francie Byrne’s

Another mazurka! 😉 And it seems it wasn’t already on site. But, if I’ve missed it, let me know and I’ll move my transcription to the notes for any earlier submission that might be.

One of my prized Winter/Christmas surprises was a recent CD release by two sweet talents with the bow ~ Tara Connaghan & Derek McGinley, their recording “The Far Side of the Glen”. They have a lovely way with this in a set of two mazurkas, track 8, and I recommend you chase up this recording for the full pleasure of it, the whole recording is inspirational. I love it. I also use it for teaching dance.

The friend who blessed me with this gift goes by ‘slainte’ on site here, dear Hiro. It was a good Christmas, music all round. This transcription is in the main made with guidance from this recording, but it’s also as I’ve known it, and I’d guess we had the same source, two sweet souls, Francie & Mickey Byrne. We had a kick dancing with invisible ladies around their house ~ great hospitality, good music, good company, good chat, plenty of laughs…

Thanks Smash, appreciated, I had meant to add that too but it was very, very late and I’d been working up some tunes for a crazy competition choreography called “The Moycullen Set” ~ four compound figures, each with a ‘mix’ element to it, more early Federated American Square Dance than Irish trad, a bit OTT, but, it has some fun bits too despite the usual proofs of choreographic intent. 😀 It isn’t alone in the fantasy realm of ‘new’ sets with a conjured up ‘ancient history’…

Sounds more exciting than my current line of work!