Allt-y-Caethiwed hornpipe

Also known as Brochan Lom, Cathy Jones, Cathy Jones’, The Chicken Waltz, Katy Jones, Katy Jones’, Kitty Jones, Kitty Jones’, Kitty Jones’ Fling, The Orange & Blue Highland, Orange And Blue, The Orange And Blue Highland Fling, The Orange And Blue, The Orange And The Blue, Wood-bine Cottage, Woodbine Cottage, The Woodbine Highland Fling.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Allt-y-Caethiwed
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:dc|BGGG DGGG|BGdB G3B|BAAA FGAB|ceed e2dc|
|:dc|Bcdc BGdc|BcdB G2ed|cdec cAed|cdec A2dc|
Bcdc BGdc|BcdB G2cd|ecdB cABG|FADF G2:|

Eight comments

The tune is from Tro Llaw, a collection of tunes from the National Library of Wales. The title literally means “Hillside of Captivity”, but is better known as “Wood-bine Cottage”. It is also a version of the Scottish tune “The Orange and Blue”, and, in the A part is just about a recognisable 4/4 version of the A part of “The Irish Washerwoman”. These tunes do get around, don’t they!


Nice Tune!!!!

Thanks for posting this Trevor, I’ts a great little tune! I’ve never come accross it before!

I know this one as the Scottish strathspey, “Brochan Lom”, which translates as “thin porridge”. I’ve also heard it played as a reel in Ireland.

& as a Highland Fling…

In Triplicate ~ Highland Fling ~ without the repeats

As is true of all the members of this triplication, without the repeats, as 16 bars, this melody is a classic highland fling…

“The Orange and Blue Highland”

You’ll find more of the ‘highland fling’ take on this in the ‘comments’ for Kenny’s reel version submission, just click on the link given above…

As the usual 16 bar highland fling the structure of this one, with 2-bar phrases of ABAC-DEDC, fits best the 8 bar or ‘short’ versions of the usual accompanying dances. With the more usual 2-bar and 4-bar second ending in the B-part ~ 4-bar phrases of AABC or 2-bar phrases of ABAB-CDCE, you’ll get a nicer fit for the ‘long’ or 16-bar dances.

You can find links to some dance descriptions in my ‘details’… 😎