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Memories Of Sligo

Allt-y-Caethiwed (hornpipe) is also known as Brochan Lom, Cathy Jones, Cathy Jones’, The Chicken Waltz, Katy Jones, Katy Jones’, Kitty Jones, Kitty Jones’, Kitty Jones’ Fling, The Orange & Blue Highland, Orange And Blue, The Orange And Blue Highland Fling, The Orange And Blue, The Orange And The Blue, Wood-bine Cottage, Woodbine Cottage, The Woodbine Highland Fling.

Memories Of Sligo (barndance) is also known as Belle Of The Ball, The Belle Of The Ball.

Dance Music Of Ireland by Jerry O'Brien, Joe Derrane And The Irish All Stars

  1. The Orange And The Blue
  2. The Belle Of The Ball