The Green Blanket jig

Also known as The Chorus.

There are 11 recordings of this tune.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Green Blanket
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
DFA AFA|AFA ~B2A|AdB AFD|1 AFD D2F:|2 AFD ~d2e||
fdB ABd|edA d2.B|.G.B.G FAd|BGE ede|
fdB ABd|edA d2A|B/c/dB AFD|1 AFD D2e:|2 AFD D2e||
faf g2e|fdB AFD|DBG FAd|BGe ede|
faf g2e|fdB AFd|AdB AFD|1 AFD D2e:|2 AFD D2E||

Six comments

I believe the bar lines are in wrong places.

Anyway, this jig is closely related to Maloney’s Wife:

I need to double-check, but Peter O’Loughlin probably recorded this particular version of the tune as The Chorus Jig on "The South West Wind."

The title "The Green Blanket" is sometimes attached to The Ewe Reel: Joe Burke and Mike Rafferty, both from the parish of Ballinakill, East Galway, recorded the reel as "The Green Blanket."

Yes, you’re probably right. I’m highly embarrassed and changed the ABC…

Seems related to Maloney’s Wife indeed, but I don’t see any relation to The Ewe Reel (other than the name, of course)…? Gabriel recorded it as The Green Blanket… I don’t know it by another name (or anything else about it).

When I posted a tune with all the bar lines in wrong places, I was much more embarrassed. We couldn’t edit the ABCs at that time!

Of course, this jig is not related to The Ewe Reel. The two tunes just share the same title.

I’ve just checked "The South West Wind," and yes this is what Peter O’Loughlin (Peadar Ó Loughlainn) recorded as "The Chorus Jig" on that recording. He cites the recording of the old Ballinakill Ceili Band in 1929 as the source.

Yeah, thanks for some background information! 🙂

(We could edit the ABC as far as I know, just the sheet was set to stone… or was it even longer ago?)

Gabe O’Sullivan

You’re right, "megapop." We could fix the ABCs, but not the sheet music. My memory isn’t very reliable.

A bit of research shows that Gabe O’Sullivan came from East Galway and was influenced by the flute players of the Ballinakill Ceili Band.

So, he must have picked up this jig from the same source as Peadar O’Loughlin.