One recording of
The Piper On Horseback
Jeannie Shook Da Bairn

The Piper On Horseback (reel) is also known as Aislinn’s Fancy, O’Connell’s, Owney Davey’s.

Jeannie Shook Da Bairn (reel) is also known as The Bride’s Welcome Home, Da Bride’s Welcome Hame, Jeanie Shock Da Bairn, Jeannie Choke Da Bairn, Jeannie Choked Da Bairn, Jeannie Shock Da Bairn, Jeannie Shoke Da Bairn, Jeannie Shoke De Bairn, Jeannie Shoked The Bairn.

First O' The Darkenin' by Chris Stout

  1. Punch In The Dark
  2. Jeanie Shock Da Bairn
  3. Piper On Horseback