Stora Björnmossen mazurka

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One setting

X: 1
T: Stora Björnmossen
R: mazurka
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
D>F A>d (3BdB|A>f d>A F>A|G>e c>A B>c|d>f (3edB A2|
D>F A>d (3BdB|A>f d>A F>A|G>e c>A B>c|d2 d3 z:|
|:f2 f2 e>f|g2 (3gfe (3dcB|A2 .c2 c2|B2 A>^G A2|
f2 f2 e>f|g2 (3gfe (3dcB|A2 (3cBA (3GFE|D2 d3 z:||

Two comments

Stora Björnmossen

Not a mazurka, but a similar ‘hambo’ from Sweden. This is taken from a recording by Sandvikens spelmanslag, from Sandviken in Gävleborgs län, Gästrikland. They got it from the playing of Martin Jansson, apparently from the Svartnäs area, in Dalarna. Sandvikens spelmanslag describe the tune as a "hambomölja", which I think is a "snowball", progressive version of the hambo (dancers take new partners from the audience, each time round).

"Stora björnmossen" (lit. big bear moss) is the Swedish name for Polytrichum Commune, the Common Haircap Moss (sometimes called Great Goldilocks, which would be a nice name for the tune). The moss grows in abundance around the woodlands in Svartnäs. It is also the "landskapsmossa" (provincial moss - a symbol for the province) for Hälsingland.

"Stora Björnmossen" could also be the name of a farm. There was one near Svartnäs (there’s also an area with this name further north - Gävleborg), and "Lilla Björnmossen" is still in existence. However, all are named after the species of moss, and the sleeve notes to the CD suggest that the tune is directly dedicated to the moss.