Kantara To El Arish march

Also known as Kantara To El’Arish.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Kantara To El Arish
R: march
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
|:e2|A>Bc<A c<eA>B|c2c>e f2a>f|e2f>e c2A>c|e>cB<A B2c2|
A>Bc<A c<eA>B|c2c>e f2a>f|c2A>e d>cB<e|c2A2 A2:|
|:e2|a2>e2 c<eA>e|d>cB<A c2a>f|e2a>e c2A>c|e>cB<A B2g2|
a2>e2 c<eA>e|d2c<e f2a>f|c2A>e d>cB<e|c2A2 A2:|
|:A>B|c<ed<f c<eA<e|d>cB>A c2a>f|e<af>e c<eA>c|e>cB<A B2A>B|
c<ed<f c<eA<e|d2c<e f2a>f|c2A>e d>cB<e|c2A2 A2:|
|:e2|a>ec<e c<Ae>f|f>ec<e e>dd>c|a>fe<a f>ec<e|A>ce>c B2g2|
a>ec<e c<Ae>c|d2c<e f2a>f|c2A>e d>cB<e|c2A2 A2:|

Four comments

Kantara To El Arish

Nice Strathspey by William Ferguson.


"Kantara To El Arish" is a 2/4 march, not a strathspey.

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