Miss Gordon Of Fochabers strathspey

By William Marshall

Also known as Angus Allen And Dan J’s, Miss Gordon, Miss Gordon Fochaber, Miss Gordon Of Fochaber’s, Miss Gordon’s, Miss Gordon’s - Fochabers, Miss Gordon’s Of Fochabar, Miss Gordon’s Strathspey Of Fochabers, Miss Gordon’s Strathspey- Fochabers.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Miss Gordon Of Fochabers
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
B|F<AA>B A>F A<d|F<AA>g {g}f2 df|g>ef>d e>d B<e|{c}d>B A<F B2 E:|
g|fd fg/a/ f>d d<g|fdAF {F}d2 Ag|fd fg/a/ b/a/g/f/ g/f/e/d/|B<e e>f g2 ef/g/|
afge fdec|dA d/c/B/A/ F2 DF|GBGE FAFD|B,<E E>F {F}G2 G||
X: 2
T: Miss Gordon Of Fochabers
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
A3/2G/||"D"F<A A>B A>F D>B|A>G F<A f2d/e/f|"Em"g>e f<d "A"e>dc>A|"G"B<GA<F"A"E2EF/G/|
"D"F<A A>B A>F D>B|A>G F<Af2f/g/a|"Em"g>ef>d "A"e>dc>A|"G"B<dA<F"A"E2Eg||
"D"f<dd>f "G"g<fe<g|"D"f<dd<f "Em"{f}g3{fg}e|"D"f<aa>f a>ba>f|"Em"e>de>f "G"g2 ga/b/|
"G/D"a>f "G/#C"g>e "G/B"f>d "G/A"e>c|"G"d/c/B/A/ d>A "D"[A2F2] E>D|"Em"G>BG<E "D"F>AF>D|"Em"E>FG>A "G"B>AB>d||

Seven comments

Miss Gordon’s Strathspey- Fochabers

A strathspey by William Marshall, from "William Marshall’s Scottish Airs, Melodies, Strathspeys, Reels etc" (1822).
The ABC is adapted from Richard Robinson’s transcription.

Marshall worked for Alexander, 4th Duke of Gordon, who was responsible for the creation of the village of Fochabers (now like a small toon). It is likely one of his daughters that the tune was dedicated to.
Which one, I’m not sure. Of his legitimate offspring, there is a choice of five: Charlotte, Madelaine, Susan, Louisa or Georgiana.

I must point out that the original published title of this tune is "Miss Gordon’s Strathspey- Fochabers".
It doesn’t seem to meet with much favour here.

Re: Miss Gordon Of Fochabers

I must agree with Weejie above. There is not much to this tune

Re: Miss Gordon Of Fochabers

From the recordings listed here, it seems to be more popular in North America than Scotland. Seems to be good enough for Natalie MacMaster, Bill Lamey, Hanneke Cassel, Mairi Rankin and Brenda Stubbert, among others.

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Re: Miss Gordon Of Fochabers

The tune’s been recorded by at least fifteen different Cape Breton fiddlers or fiddle groups over the years so, yes, it is a fairly popular tune on the island.

Re: Miss Gordon Of Fochabers

Worth noting also that the Cape Breton version (per X:2) is very different from the original (X:1), to the point that they’re almost different tunes. The CB version is fabulous and very catchy, and in my opinion, worlds better than the original, although Marshall is one of my favorite Scottish composers. Just goes to show, sometimes the folk process really does do wonders for a tune. My favorite version is probably that of Buddy MacMaster, easily found on YouTube, although Bill Lamey’s is also great.