Duncan On The Plainstones reel

Also known as Duncan In The Plainstones, Duncan On The Plainstanes, Duncan On The Plainstone, Robert Hannigan’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Duncan On The Plainstones
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
g|fa^gb adfd|Be^df eAcA|fa^gb adfd|Bdce fddg|
fa^gb adfd|Be^df eAce|fedc BAGF|EDCB, A,GFE||

Two comments

C: Scott Skinner

A reel composed by Scott Skinner. This appeared as “Duncan on the Plainstanes”, number 13 in The Miller o’ Hirn Collection. This setting is from the Skye Collection.
In the Skye Collection, the title is followed by “(ELGIN)”, and I figured that it might have been in Skinner’s Elgin Collection, but it wasn’t in the one volume that was published (there should have been four volumes, but it seems that Skinner went bankrupt around that time).
Nevertheless, Skinner would have been living in Elgin at the time of the publication of “The Miller o’ Hirn Collection” (1881), and “The Plainstones” is the name of the paved area in the centre of Elgin - harking back to olden times, when it was the market place. It would be reasonable to assume that this is the same “Plainstones”.
It would be so easy to make up all kinds of wonderful stories as to who “Duncan” was (some suggest a dancer). As Duncan the First was believed to have been killed by Macbeth at Pitgaveny near Elgin, it could be Skinner going off on one of his “proud Scottish history” trips. I doubt it though. Probably just another punter staggering hame after a night oot and meeting the pavestones with his heid. Elgin hasn’t changed much.

This is on track 3 of Live! West Mabou Hall by Howie MacDonald, etc. Curiously it is called Robert Hannigan’s.