Donnchadh Nedí’s barndance

Also known as Donnchadh Nedí O’Gara’s, Donnchadh O’Gara’s, Patrick Doherty’s Barndance #1, Patrick Doherty’s Barndance No. 1, Patrick Doherty’s Barndances, Patrick O’Gara’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Donnchadh Nedí's
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:c|d>ef>d c>e g2|B2 c>B A>d f2|G>B e2 F>A d2|c>de>f gece|
d>ef>d c>e g2|B2 c>B A>d f2|G>B e2 F>Ad>A|1 c>de>c dAB:|2 c>de>c d>ef>g||
|:a2 f2 b2 f2|a2 g2 g2- g>f|g2 e2 b2 e2|g2 f2 f4|
A>de>f g2 g2|g>fe>f b2 a2|A>Bc>d e>gf>e|1 (3ded c>e d>ef>g:|2 (3ded c>e d>AB||

Four comments

“Donnchadh Nedí‘ ~ O’Gara’s” ~ #1 of 3: “Patrick Doherty’s Barndances”

Another lovely barndance from the playing of Derek McGinley & Tara Connaghan, track 4 on their CD “The Far Side of the Glen”…

“Derek McGinley & Tara Connaghan: The Far Side of the Glen” - Track 4: Patrick Doherty’s Barndances

From the notes for the CD:

"The first and third barndances in this set are associated with Patrick O’Gara (died 1994) from Mín Na bhFachrán, Glencolmcille, who spent most of his life in Bolton, England. ~

Patrick O’Gara had an enormous repertoire of tune sandwas particularly noted for his store of compositions of the great 19th Century fiddle player John McGinley (John Mhósaí) – see track 5. Patrick learned many of his tunes from his first cousin, Patrick Doherty of Straleel North who in turn learned much of his music from O’Gara’s father Donnchadh Nedí and Johnny Boyle of Bráid, Glencolmcille.”