Three recordings of a tune named
General Stewart
With a tune named
The Fir Tree

General Stewart (reel) is also known as Captain David Stewart, Captain David Stewart 42nd Royal Highlanders, Captain David Stewart 42nd Royal Highlanders-Afterwards General Stewart, Captain David Stewart’s, General Stuart, Lady Mair MacKenzie, Lady Muir MacKenzie, Lady Muir MacKenzie’s, Mrs. Muir MacKenzie, Mrs. Muir McKenzie.

Cape Breton Girl by Natalie MacMaster

  1. The Fir Tree
  2. Miss Gordon’s Of Fochabar
  3. Lady Muir MacKenzie
  4. The Lasses Of Stewarton
  5. Mrs. Norman MacKeigan

Gaelic Roots by Various Artists

  1. Fishing With Vic
  2. Fir Tree
  3. Mrs. Gordon Of Fochabers
  4. Athole Brose
  5. Lady Muir MacKenzie
  6. You’re Welcome, Charlie Stewart
  7. Lassies Of Stewarton
  8. Crossing Of The Minch
  9. Lively Steps

Traditional Fiddle Music Of Cape Breton Volume 4 Mackinnon's Brook by Various Artists

  1. The Miller O’ Hirn
  2. Craigellachie Bridge
  3. The Fir Tree
  4. Mr. Menzies Of Culdare
  5. Duncan On The Plainstones
  6. General Stewart
  7. Steer The Gill