Bun A’ tSrútháin hornpipe

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One setting

X: 1
T: Bun A' tSrútháin
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
A/G>A|:F>G^G>A f>dc<d|F>G^G>A f>dB>d|c>e (3aba ^g>ab>a|^g>a=g>e c>AG>A|
F>G^G>A f>dc<d|F>G^G>A f>dB>d|c>ea>f g<eA>c|1 e>dd>c d>AG>A:|2 e>dd>c d2 (3ded||
[K: AMaj]
|:c>ea>g a>ed>e|c>e (3aag a>ec>A|G>AB>c d>ef>a|(3aag (3agf e<ad>a|
c>ea>g a>ed>e|c>e (3aag a>ec>e|d>e (3fga ecdB|GBEG (3ABA =G>A:|
"to finish " c>ea>g a>ed>e|c>e (3aag a>ec>e|1 d>e (3fga ecdB|GBEG (3ABA =G>A:|2 d>e f>a e>cd>c|B<EG>B A4||

Two comments

“Bun A’ Tsaútháin” ~ C: Derek McGinley

track 4, the second hornpipe of two ~ as I continue praise in action for this lovely recording ~
“Derek McGinley & Tara Connaghan: The Far Side of the Glen”

Yes, I love this recording, even if it does keep reminding me of our ‘Far Side’ cartoon collection, but that’s just the title. I also love this hornpipe of Derek’s. There’s a lot of barndance and old timey dance about it, and humour. It’s a kick to play and raises a smile hearing it and dancing to it. I just hope Derek doesn’t mind my adding it here, and that he finds the transcription at least a reasonable one, not too far off the mark.

In order to try to keep things sane as far as bars, I’ve left out some alternatives, but I have added the ending/finish. Here’s another way with the first and second endings for the A-part:

F>G^G>A f>dc<d | F>G^G>A f>dB>d |[1 c>ba>f g>eA>c | e>dc>e d>A^G>A :|[2 c>ea>f g>eA>c | e>dd>c d2 (3ded ||

Track 3 (not 4): Kelly’s Fancy / Bun A’ tSrútháin (hornpipes) - Derek solo

~ “The second tune is a composition of Derek McGinley, the title commemorating a local spot visible from the front door of Derek’s home in Min A’ Chearrbhaigh.”