Seven recordings of Three Little Boats

Also known as 3 Little Boats, Three Baatyn Beggey, Three Little Boats Went Out To Sea, Tree Baatyn Beggey.

This tune has been recorded together with Car Y Phoosee (a few times), The Fathaby (a few times), Ta Dick Veg Er Yannoo Mie (a few times), Jemmy As Nancy.

  1. Baase Cooil Stroo by King Chiaullee
  2. Blass by Various Artists
  3. Blass|Flavour by Various Artists
  4. Not an EP by Mec Lir
  5. The Celtic Fiddler by Various Artists
  6. The Picturesque Piccolo by Jim Gornall
  7. Twisted Roots by Mactullagh Vannin