Cod Cheeks & Tongues three-two

Also known as Cod Cheeks And Tongues.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Cod Cheeks & Tongues
R: three-two
M: 3/2
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|: A4 DEFG A2D2 | DEFG A2D2 A2d2 | A4 DEFG A2D2 | E2B2 B2E2 GAB2 :|
|: DEFG A2d2 f2d2 | DEFG A2d2 F2d2 | DEFG A2d2 f2d2 | e2E2- E2F2 GFE2 :|
|: d2A2 fedc fedA | d2D2- D2F2 A2c2 | d2A2 fedc fedA |[1 e2E2- E2F2 GABc :|[2 E2B2- B2E2 G2[E2B2] ||
|: d3c e2dc d2D2- | D2G2 FGAF EFGc | d2cd ef/e/dc d2D2 | e2E2- E2F2 G2E2 :|

Six comments

"Cod Cheeks & Tongues"

Another Lancashire hornpipe… 😎 And a very nice meal we haven’t had the pleasure of in some time…

Line caught of course… πŸ˜‰

Could it be thought of as an offal tune ?

The 3rd part without the 2nd ending -
|: d2A2 fedc fedA | d2D2- D2F2 A2c2 | d2A2 fedc fedA | E2B2- B2E2 G2B2 :|

C: c

I’d forgotten to mention, in case it wasn’t already obvious. However, these things just happen, like being possessed… 😎