Fanny Dillon waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Fanny Dillon
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gdor
df|g2 {a}gf dc|B2 B>c B/c/B/G/|F2 dc df|ga g2 (3g(3f(3d|
f>g gf dc|B>c B/c/B/G/ {FG}FG|Bc cB AG|G4 fd|
dc BG Bc|de fd g/f/g/a/|ba g2 (3a(3g(3f|
d2 Bc de|fd ga ba|gf dB df|gd cB AG|G4||
Bc|d2 dc BG|B>c B/c/B/G/ {F}D2|B>c d/c/d/e/ fc|
dg g2 ga|b2 ba ag|g2 ga gf|d2 Bc de|
f2 de df|g2 gf dg|fd d/c/B cd|B2 B>c B/c/B/G/|
F2 Bc de|fd ga ba|gf dB df|gd cB AG|G4||

Two comments

Fanny Dillon

This is a Carolan tune. When I saw that Lord *and* Lady Dillon are already up here, I thought I could submit some more members of the Dillon family. I’m wondering if Fanny is the daughter?

"This tune is also called Planxty Dillon. Captain Gerald Dillon of Mannin, near Ballyhaunis, County Mayo was the father of Fanny Dillon who was the subject of another of Carolan’s tune. They are apparently not related to the Lord and Lady Dillon for whom Carolan also composed tunes." (

So, not a direct blood relative of Lord and Lady Dillon, but a Dillon never the less. πŸ™‚