MacKenzie Hay strathspey

By James Scott Skinner

Also known as McKenzie Hay.

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MacKenzie Hay C: J Scott Skinner.

Another Skinner tune. This one can be played as either a strathspey or a schottische. Note the double dotted quavers. Skinner dedicated the tune to “Mackenzie Hay, President of the Strathspey and Reel Society of London”. I have not found any further info on this person.

You can see a setting for fiddle and piano here, and scroll down to hear a recording of Skinner playing it:

Oban MusicFestival

Im entering an accordian compotition and was wondering if there were any good marchesto go with it?

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Questions like that would probably be better raised in the discussion forum.

Look at “Recordings…”

There are 10 “Recordings of a tune by this name” - see above. Have a look at what they play with it.