Lemmy Brazil’s hornpipe

Also known as Lemmy Brazil’s #1, Lemmy Brazil’s No.1.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Lemmy Brazil's
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:(3def|g>dB>A G>Bd>g|e>dc>d e2 f>e|d>gf>e d>B (3cBA|G>Bd>e d2 (3def|
g>dB>A G>Bd>g|e>dc>d e2 f>e|d>gf>e d>B (3cBA|G2 B2 G2:|
|:z2|(3BdB G2 B4|c2 A>Bc>d e>f|g2 f>e d>BG>d|e2 d>B A4|
(3BdB G2 B4|c2 A>B c>de>f|g2 f>ed>B (3GAB|A2 F2 G2:|

Two comments

Lemmy Brazil’s No.1

Lemmy Brazil was a (female) member of a large family of travellers. (“Lemmy” is the shortened form of “Lementina” - “Brazil” is pronounced “Brazzle”). She played melodeon and mouth-organ, but all of the family were musical and were well-known for their singing.

Lemmy was born in England, near Southampton, but soon afterwards the family moved to Ireland.

They spent 27 years travelling the country in two horse-drawn wagons before returning to England, where Lemmy ran a second-hand shop in Westgate Street, Gloucester.
Incuded in a tuneset often played at the session in The Hunter’s Lodge Inn (Priddy, Somerset, England) :
1) Lemmy Brazil’s No1

2) Lemmy Brazil’s No 2

3) Anything for Jonjo (played “dotted”)