Butter Boys hornpipe

Also known as Ingar Do Shuidhe Finn.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Butter Boys
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
(3def|g2gf gdga|bage dBGA|Bd G2 Bd GA|BGcB AGED|
g2gf gdga|bage dBGA|Bdge dBAB|G2 GG G2:|
(3DEF|G2GF GABd|edgf edBd|edge dBGA|BGcB AGED|
G2GF GABd|edge dBGA|Bdge dBAB|G2 GG G2:|
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Two comments

Butter Boys

This is from the Roche collection and I pass it on with the thinking that you can never have too many good hornpipes!

This is my arrangement which includes a few small changes - the original can be found on my webABC site at www.capeirish.com/webabc/collections/roche/roche-tunes.html#1981.

Roche gives the Gaelic title as "Ingar Do Shuidhe Finn" which translates to "Perpendicular You’re Sitting Fair One" (at least according to my Dineen’s) - I have the feeling I’m probably missing something, so I’ll leave a sensible translation to anyone more fluent in Irish than I am. I’m not sure where the title "Butter Boys" comes from.

This is one of those tunes where it appears that the A and B parts are reversed.


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Re: Butter Boys

"I nGar do Shuí Finn" means "near to Seefin". There are half a dozen Seefins in Ireland, several of them mountains. The two words in the Gaelic form of the place name mean "the seat of Finn (Mac Cumhail)". So there you have it. Finn may have sat perpendicularly on the watch! But none of the words here have any such geometric meaning. As the tune is in Roche’s book, and in it alone, it may actually be a composition of Frank Roche, and most probably refers to the mountain of the name in County Tipperary: https://www.logainm.ie/1416095.aspx.
So you can now make cheese boys of those butter boys.