Terry Lane’s waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Terry Lane's
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
d2B2|:(3ABA F2A2|d2c2B2|(3BcB (3ABA D2|F4FG|A2G2 (3FGF|
E2C2E2|B2A2 (3DED|F2FFFG|A2F2 (3AGA|d2czB2|(3BcB (3ABA D2|
F4FF|A2G2 (3FGF|E2C2E2|D6|1 D4FB:|2 D2De {f}ef||
gzg2gf|g2e2g2|f2fffg|(3fgf d2df|e2e2ef|
(3efe c2 (3efe|d4de|d2e2f2|g2gggf|(3gag e2g2|f2fffg|
(3fgf d2df|eze2ef|e2c2e2|1 d4de|d2e2f2:|2 d6|d4 (3FGA||
A4(3AGA|FA D2DF|A,2D2DB|B2A4|A2g2gf|e2ee (3ede|
A2f2 (3efe|(3ded F2G2|A4(3AGA|FA D2DF|A,2D2DB|B2A4|
A2g2 (3fgf|e2c2e2|d6|1 d2dE (3FGA:|2 d2c2B2||