Joe’s Lost E jig

By Joe Scurfield

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One setting

X: 1
T: Joe's Lost E
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Emaj
|:EGB cBc|efg fec|f2c e2c|BGB cBG|
EGB cBc|efg fec|f2c e2c|1 BGF E2E:|2 BGF EGB||
|:e2e dee|cee B2B|cBG BGF|GBc egf|
e2e dee|cee B2B|cBG B2c|1 BGF EGB:|2 BGF E2E||

Six comments

Tune from Ian Stephenson

This is a lovely wee tune I heard from Ian Stephenson’s soundcloud page, and he apparently has no name for it either.

If one so desired, you could pull it down to D to make it easier for the winds, but I’m all for playing it in the ever-so-happy key of E 😀

New Rope String Band

Also the last tune on the second track of the New Rope String Band’s “Myoosick” album. Still not sure of the name though… ?

Written by Joe Scurfield of The Old Rope String Band, who was tragically killed in June 2005

Re: Joe’s Lost E

Joe Scurfield was my brother. As someone has added, he died in an accident many years ago, now. I understand that this jig was composed by him while in Ireland (perhaps Kenmare?) and no one in the U.K. had heard it until it was brought back many years after his death, hence the word “lost” in the title: it WAS lost to most of his friends & family, but it came back! (& it CAN be played on the concertina!)