Moldadh Maureen Nic Coinnich march

Also known as A March In Praise Of Maureen MacKenzie, In Praise Of Maureen MacKenzie.

There are 2 recordings of this tune.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Moldadh Maureen Nic Coinnich
R: march
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
|:AB|c2 ce f2 a>f|e>ce<f A2 A<B|cBc<e f2 e<c|B4 B2 AB|
c2 ce f2 a>f|e>ce<f A>AA>B|c<ee>c B>AB<c|A4 A2:|
|:a>g|f2 f2 f2 af|e>^de<f A>AA>B|c>Bc<e f2 e<c|
[1 B4 B2 ag|f2 f2 f2 af|e>^de<f A>AA>B|c<ee>c B>AB<c|A4 A2:|
[2 B4 B2 AB|c>Bc<e f>ef<a|e>ce<f A>AA>B|c>Bc<e B2- B>A|A4 A2||

Six comments

Another lovely source for this I should also mention is dear Brenda Stubbert ~ great with the feet as well as the bow, and, as we’ve known, always in good humour…

Other transcriptions can be found in the following two publications:

“Jerry Holland: The Second Collection”
“Brenda Stubbert: The Second Collection”

~ neither of which we have the pleasure of owning, so I’ve no idea how they might vary from the transcription I’ve given here. Before adding this, wanting to include something more, I also did an initial search for a bit more information on the composer, John MacLean, but nothing so far. I hope to return with something useful to add later.

Glad I asked ~ ‘the process’! ~ C: John MacLean - in the beginning there was the air

This melody began as an air, composed by John MacLean, “a piper with Washabuck roots… (Paul Cranford) His father Johnny ‘Washabuck’ was a good fiddler and step dancer - one of the Red Rory Maclean’s. (differentiating from the other musical Washabuck MacLeans - the MacKay Point MacLeans ~ Joe, Theresa Morrison and Michael Anthony being the noted musicians in that family.)”

Paul let me know of the earlier roots to this melody, as a slow air. He and Jerry Holland took hold of this and marchified it, 2 turns/parts worth. The composer was OK with this, including with it being published as such in Jerry’s second collection, see above. Under Brenda Stubbert’s bow it took on two more parts/turns. Somewhere in this house we should still have her recording of it. If I can find it I’ll do a transcription, but I’m hoping, now I know this is a more recent creation that the composer won’t mind my having aaded it here in the database. I would have attempted to make contact and ask but had some notion it was an earlier John MacLean. As Paul concluded, “Although only 14 years old it is very popular - in most (Cape Breton) fiddlers’ repertoires.” - Paul Cranford 9/3/2013

Thanks Paul, much appreciated…

Re: Moldadh Maureen Nic Coinnich

In this thread someone says the tune was written for Kenneth MacKenzie’s mother; don’t know if that is right or not. Kenneth is a fine fiddler and piper, and brother of Angus, the piper in Daimh.