Little Fishie three-two

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One setting

X: 1
T: Little Fishie
R: three-two
M: 3/2
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
(D2G2 G2){A}G2 F2A2|G2B2 {c}B2B2 c2A2|(3dedB2 {c}B2G2 F2G2|A2B2 c2E2 F4|
(D2G2 G2){A}G2 F2A2|G2B2 {c}B2B2 c2e2|.d2B2 {c}B2G2 AcBd|.c2(E2 E2F2 G4):|
|:d2g2 f2g2 (3dedB2|(A3B c2)d2 B4|d2g2 f2g2 f2g2|e2b2 a2^c2 d4|
d2=f2 (3efed2 =c2B2|(c2ed A2)G2 F2|{e}d2B2 B2G2 AcBd|.c2(E2 E2F2 G4):|

Five comments

From the Northumbrian minstrelsy. This is a really cool tune I think. On paper it looks a bit naff because it’s just crotchets strung together, but it’s the ornamentation and rhythm that really make the tune. I’ve tried to include slurs and staccato to demonstrate this. Another thing you can do with this tune is hang the notes across the beat, so that if you get 2 juxtaposed notes that are the same, you can make them one long note, e.g. a variation on the last 3 bars could be:
c2.e2 A2G2 F2{e}d2-|d2B2- B2G2 AcBd|.c2(E2 E2F2 G4)||
The ideal speed for this tune is fast reel time, so that it sounds a bit like a polka but a bit steadier - not quite as fast.

"Nancy Kerr & James Fagan: Starry Gazy Pie"

Fellside Recordings, 1997

Well you two, you could have at least had the consideration to do the credits properly… And Dow, really, that link? Take my word and experience for it, you shouldn’t drink and post… 😏

I hadn’t been drinking. I just don’t know anything about computers and URLs and stuff. I thought it was pretty cool, shooting way off through the yellow and off the screen…