The Carignan Clog hornpipe

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Carignan Clog
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
f2| "Bm" b>f (3dcB f>d B>f| "Em" g2 e2 e>f g>e| "F#" f2 f2 c<f f>e| "Bm" d>c B>d "F#"c2 e<f|
"Bm" b>f (3dcB f>d B>f| "Em" g>f e>^d e>f g>e| "F#" f>g e>f d>e c>d|1 "Bm" B4 B,2:|2 "Bm" B4 "A" A2||
|: (3A=Bc| "D" (3dAd (3fdf (3afa f'>e'| "G" (3d'e'f' e>g b2 b>b| "A" (3bgg (3gfe (3c'ba (3gfg| "D" (3baf (3dcB (3Afd (3ABc|
"D" (3dAd (3fdf (3afa f'>e'| "G" (3d'e'f' e>g b2 b>b| "A" (3bag (3gfe (3c'ba (3gfe| "D" (3dcd (3baf d2:|

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The Carignan Clog

Transcribed this roughly from the Natalie MacMaster album "Blueprint," track 7.