Twenty-two recordings of Jack Broke Da Prison Door

Also known as Destructive Jack, Jack Broke Da Prison Door (and Went Ska!), Jack Broke Down The Prison Door, Jack Broke The Prison Door, Jock Broke Da Prison Door, John Broke The Prison Door.

This tune has been recorded together with Donald Blue (lots of times), Sleep Soond Ida Mornin’ (lots of times), The Bonnie Isle O’ Whalsey (a few times), Lasses Trust In Providence (a few times), Wha’ll Dance Wi’ Wattie ? (a few times), Barrowburn, The Congress, Da New Rigged Ship, Da Slockit Light, De’il Stick Da Minister, The Easy Club, The Highlands Of Banffshire, The Merry Blacksmith, My Kindly Sweetheart, St. Kilda Wedding, Toss The Feathers.

  1. 1982 by Willie Hunter And Violet Tulloch
  2. Achill Sound by Achill Sound
  3. Aly Bain and Mike Whellans by Aly Bain and Mike Whellans
  4. Coppers And Brass by Dick Gaughan
  5. Crossing to Ireland by Nancy Bick Clark & Sara Johnson
  6. Fishguard Folk - On a Sunday by Various Artists
  7. From Shetland by Trevor Hunter
  8. Gaughan by Dick Gaughan
  9. La Harpe Irlandaise - The Irish Harp by Katrien Delavier
  10. Like the Sun a-Glittering by The Jones Boys
  11. Not For Glory, Nor Riches by The Gorms
  12. Over The Sea To Skye by Hanneke Cassel
  13. Quiet Days by Battlefield Band
  14. Shetland Fiddlers by Various Artists
  15. Silver Apples Of The Moon by Ceoltoiri
  16. Tasty Touches CD 1 by Martin Donohoe
  17. The Band That Plays At Night by Malarky
  18. The Middle Path by Scartaglen
  19. The Silver Bow: The Fiddle Music of Shetland by Aly Bain & Tom Anderson
  20. The Twisted Oak by Elizabeth Clark
  21. Tracks North (Music From Shetland) CD 1 Traditional Imprints by Various Artists
  22. Waverley Station: First Stop! by Liz Donaldson, David Knight & Ralph Gordon