The Boys Of The Lake jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Boys Of The Lake
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
B|AFD D2 B|AFD FAd|=cBc GE=C|=CEG =cBc|
dcd AFD|DFA dfa|gba gfe|1 "3"d3 "3"d2:|2 "1"d3 "1"d2||
|:"2"b|"1"a"3"f"1"d "1"d"3"f"1"a|"4"d'"3"c'"2"b "1"a"3"f"1"d|"4"g"2"e"4"=c "4"c"2"e"4"g|"3"=c'"2"b"1"a "4"g"2"e"4"=c|
1"1"a"3"f"1"d "1"d"3"f"1"a|"4"d'"3"c'"2"b "1"a"3"f"1"d|"4"g"1"a"2"b "1"a"2"b"3"c'|"4"d'"1"a"3"f "1"d2:|
2"1"a"3"f"1"a "2"b"4"g"2"b|"1"a"2"b"3"c' "4"d'"3"c'"4"d'|"4"g"2"b"1"a "4"g"3"f"2"e|"1"d3 "1"d2||

One comment

Boys Of The Lake

Written by Dan R. MacDonald of Cape Breton. Transcribed from the playing of Natalie MacMaster on her CD “My Roots are Showing”. Fingering is shown with the numbers. Have fun with third position!