Thirty recordings of Her Long Dark Hair Flowing Down Her Back

Also known as Annie Russell’s, Flowing Down Her Back And The Colour Of Her Golden Hair Was Black, Her Golden Hair Hanging Down Her Back, Her Golden Hair Was Black, Her Golden Hair Was Hanging Down Her Back, Her Golden Long Hair Flowed Down Her Back, Her Long Black Hair, Her Long Brown Hair Flowed Down Her Back, Her Long Golden Hair, Her Lovely Hair Flowing Down Her Back, Her Lovely Hair Was Flowing Down Her Back, With Her Long Hair Flowing Down Her Back, With Her Lovely Long Hair.

This tune has been recorded together with The Cameron Highlanders (a few times), Terry ‘Cuz’ Teehan’s (a few times), The Hunter’s Purse (a few times), Toss The Fiddles (a few times), The Ballinalacken, Behind The Haystack, The Bird’s, The Boogie, Caisleán An Óir, The Cuckoo’s Nest, Farewell To Erin, Farewell To Philip Lane, The Friendly Visit, Galway Bay, The Green Mountain, The Holly Bush, Jenny’s Chickens, The Last House In Ballymakea, The Man Of The House, Matt Peoples’, McIntyre’s Fancy, The Morning Lark, The Mother And Child, Na Conneries, Over The Moor To Peggy, The Peacock’s Feathers, The Phoenix, Poll Ha’penny, Richard Dwyer’s, Scully Casey’s, The Silver Vale, Soft Mild Morning, Vals Efter Lasse I Lyby, The Virginia, Walsh’s.

  1. Across Bridges by Seamus Sands
  2. Amongst Friends by Joe McHugh
  3. Armorica by Nicole Rabata
  4. Between The Showers by Grainne Hambly
  5. Each Little Thing by Sharon Shannon
  6. Enriched - Saibhriú by Dympna O’Sullivan
  7. Flame On The Banks by Maeve Donnelly
  8. Fuist! by Chris Gray
  9. Fused by Michael McGoldrick
  10. Giorraíonn Beirt Bóthar by Bóthar Na Sop
  11. Internal Circulation by Kozo Toyota
  12. It Could Be a Good Night Yet! Oíche go Maidean by Brendan Begley
  13. John Williams by John Williams
  14. Kieran O’Hare by Kieran O’Hare
  15. Live by Mike McGoldrick, John McCusker, John Doyle
  16. May Morning Dew by Mick O’Brien
  17. Midleton Rare by John Cronin And Daithí Kearney
  18. Midwinter Live by Boys Of The Lough
  19. Mirth-Making Heroes by At The Racket
  20. Notes From The Heart by Mick, Louise And Michelle Mulcahy
  21. Out Of Dublin by Lad Lane
  22. Out of Dublin by Ladlane
  23. Providence by Providence
  24. Roguery Road by Jason O’Rouke And Ruadhrai O’Kane
  25. Skins and Sins by Neill Lyons
  26. Stranger at the Gate by Dán
  27. The Blue Bottle by Inis Fail
  28. The Spectacle Bridge by Michael Hynes And Dennis Liddy
  29. The Thing Itself by Maeve Donnelly And Peadar O’Loughlin
  30. Wooden Flute Obsession CD 1 by Various Artists