The Boys Of The Town jig

Also known as Bob Lennon’s, Bobby Casey’s, The Boys On The Town, The Metal Bridge, Mullagh, Portroe, The Regent.

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Thirteen comments

This is a different tune to another jig of the same name and key.

The Regent

Recorded at a session years ago.

I believe the first part is more commonly played like this: ged B2A|BGF G2A|~B3 AGA|GBd e2f|….

I’ve just heard Chris Droney play a beautiful version of the tune on a radio programme. It seems he recorded it on his brand new album.

“The Regent Jig” ~ “The Boys of the Town” ~ a slight variation:

Key signature: Gmajor
Submitted on August 29th 2003 by dafydd.

It is a different version of “The Boys of the Town” this is the version I know from a Patrick Street album.


This is what Lucy Farr titled it but was possibly confused with the Portroe jig (ie Out on the Ocean).

Re: The Boys Of The Town

I’d say that the second setting (X:2) on that page should rather be posted on this page - two different tunes in the of G. (By the way, X:4 on that doesn’t really sound like any of the two tunes)

The Boys Of The Town, X:5

Very simple setting, just the basic melody line. No rolls, no variations. I heard this tune a lot in the pub sessions in Galway city during the few years I lived there.

I searched this tune in YouTube and as it usually happens to me with this standard session tunes, I ended up finding this Comhaltas cd that has the tune exactly the same as I always heard in Galway.

The Boys Of The Town, X:6

Setting for mouth whistling.

Not in the original pub session key. But in one key suited for mouth whistling without having to do any change of octave. It is the same as setting X:5 but in the higher octave of C Major. I added chords, any comment on them will be more than welcome.