The Bar Behind The Maid jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Bar Behind The Maid
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:FAF AFD | FAF Ade | fBA Bcd | faf edB |
AFB ADE | AFB Ade | fBA Bcd | AFE D3:|
|:fag fde | fda fda | efg bef | geb geb |
faf bfa | def ede | eBA Bcd | AFE D3:|

Six comments

The Bar Behind The Maid

Well, I was messing around with "The Maid Behind the Bar" and came up with a jig version here, I’ve played it at a couple of things, so I said I’d throw it up here.

Here’s one I made earlier, just for a guide

Hope ye enjoy it.

I’ve known one person who seriously messed around with "The Maid Behind the Bar", the publican of that particular one, on the Welsh coast, and they got caught in the act by his wife… The maid lost her job… 😀

To be fair StockBlocked, old fluther here had contributed two trad tunes previously before messing around with the maid, pity the poor lass. Jeremy puts it clearly: "you must do your “penance”, so to speak, by balancing each original composition with about five trad tune settings."

I try to resist making comment about the self-composed, or sending an email as Jeremy prefers, until after there’s been at least a repeat, more often after three in a row… 😀 Here dear fluther was also kind enough to give us a take on his creation for us to listen to.

Alright fluther, no worries. Carry on.;)

Other ways..

I’ve been playing "The Barmaid" as a strathspey, for a few years now, and just a few days ago had a go at making a polka out of it. Hadn’t got round to trying a jig version - a very versatile tune.

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