Miss Stephanie Marie MacLean reel

Also known as Stephanie Marie MacLean.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Miss Stephanie Marie MacLean
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
D2DE FA,CE|FDD2 FAdf|gfed fdAF|GEAF D2D:|
e|d2df abag|fdd2 Adfd|e2eg bagf|gee2 Bege|
d2df abag|fdd2 Adfa|gfed fdAF|GEAF D2D:|

Three comments

Miss Stephanie Marie MacLean

One of my favourite Cape Breton tunes. Written by the great Dan R MacDonald. Have heard it at Rollie’s Wharf session in North Sydney and on Dara Smith’s CD Connections as part of an amazing set thereon. I’ve not contributed a tune before so could not do the cuts properly. D crochet(3rd note 2nd measure is really a triplet/cut) and there are a few more along the way. Whew! Douglas Cameron does Dan R proud on this one too!

Miss Stephanie Marie MacLean

This wonderful reel is listed as ‘MarieMcLean’ on John Daly’s 2003 cd -John Daly- and is paired with Cape Breton Fiddlers Welcome to Shetland. It’s also on Dara Smith-MacDonald’s cd, Connections, as part of a fine long set -Miss Crawford/Miss Jessie Smith/Cameron’s got his Wife Again/ Miss Stephanie Marie MacLean/Junior Fraser’s/Joan and the Amazing Technicolor Ice-Cream Cone/MacArthur Road/Malcolm Finlay. And if that’s not value..! I’m sure there are other recordings but I’m happy to have prompted David Papasian (aka Papper) Paul Cranford, Larry Parkes, Karl MacKenzie and the Rollie’s Wharf crew to belt into it back in the day. I love it!