The Sparrowhouse jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Sparrowhouse
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:A|dcd AFD|GBA FED|FBB dBB|edc dBA|
dcd AFD|GBA FED|FBB dBB|edc d2:|
|:f|a^ga fdA|gec Adf|a^ga fdA|cd^d efg|
a^ga fdA|gec Adf|FBB dBB|edc d2:|

Four comments


This is a tune I penned about three years ago that I felt is ok enough to be shared. I like to pair it with "The Tar Road to Sligo", it’s a nice little light hearted ditty that isn’t too tricksy but still has enough in it to keep a listener interested. If you D# challenged the cd^d bit can be played cde or Bcd. It’s not from a New Englnad collection, but it was written by a New Englander - so I guess it’ll fit in.
Happy Holidays


Incomplete without a title! Usually a lot harder to come up with than a tune, says I with little gift for composition myself. Don’t ye just hate good tunes with no titles or worse witless titles?So name it carefully.

Title! Taking out the Trash

I call it "Taking out the Trash"; A while ago I moved into an apartment & I didn’t know that the house next-door was a really bad situation. Whores, herion, guns a chop-shop in the back, you name it - if it was illegal (and annoying) these low-lives were doing it. Through a neighborhood effort we got them evicted. Now the neighborhood is trouble free, in other words we "took out the trash". The name doesn’t exactly sit right with me for a couple of reasons. a) it sounds more like a punk rock song than an Irish Jig, b) I don’t make a habit out of living next to scumbags like that, I’d rather absolve what’s left of that situation & just call it "Maloney’s". Hell, Martin Wynne never named a tune, not that I’m a bump on his butt - but it did work for him.

Shortened the name, still in honor of 16-18 Sparrow St in Providence’s Smith Hill neighborhood, where many Irish musicians have lived over the years.