Chapel Bridge jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Chapel Bridge
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
A2B|:cBc dcB|cee faf|ecA B3|cAE FAd|cBc dcB|cee faf|ecA ~B3|cAA A2B:|
|:cff fec|dfB Bcd|cff fec|cdc fed|cff fec|dfB Bcd|ecA ~B3|cAA A3:|
cBc dcB|cAe fdA|ecA Bcd|cAE FAd|cBc dcB|cAe fdA|ecA Bcd|cAA A2B|
cAA dBB|cee dff|ecA B3|cAE FAd|cBc dcB|cAe fdA|ecA Bed|cAA A3||
cff fec|dfB Bcd|cff fed|cdc fed|cff fec|dfB Bcd|ecA ~B3|cAA A2B|
cff fec|d2f Bcd|cff fed|cde f2g|aec Adc|BEE Bcd|ecA ~B3|cAA A3||
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Three comments

Chapel Bridge

First tune on track 7 of my recently bought CD entitled ‘If Ida been here, Ida been there’ recorded by Craobh Rhua in 2000.
My transcription from the CD. The set of 5 jigs is entitled ‘The Antrim Narrow Gauge Jigs’. They are: Chapel Bridge, The Inver Bank, Headwood Crossing, Capecastle Tunnel & Greenaghan Viaduct.
There must be a history behind these tunes I’m sure.

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Composed by Patrick Davey of Craobh Rua.